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Samantha, Director of Portico, teaches at La Vida Dance Studio, 1417 Cornwall, in Bellingham, Wash., http://www.lavidadancestudio.com.

Currently, classes are in “summer mode,” but check back soon for her fall schedule. Samantha is also available for private lessons at La Vida studio. email her for more info: porticodance@gmail.com

Basic Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal Belly Dance is all about working together to create a beautifully synchronized and improvisational movement piece… which changes and morphs every single time. The style is based in the folk dances of the Middle East and has a powerful and fluid presentation. In the beginning class you will learn the basics of tribal belly dance posture and style, and come away with a number of combinations which allow you to participate with other tribal-style dancers. Each class will begin with stretching and a belly dance drill workout. The basics of accompanying oneself with zills (finger cymbals) will also be covered. Please wear comfortable, workout-style clothing and bring a set of sills. $15 per class for drop-in or a discounted price for an entire session

Intermediate/Advanced Tribal Belly Dance

As a student continues their study of Tribal Belly Dance, more and more doors open! This class will introduce more formations and movement combinations as well as continuing the use of zills. Greater confidence in leading the dance will also be a focus. Also featured will be brand new tribal combos as invented by Samantha for her budding Bellingham tribal troupe. If you want to get on the track to performance and becoming a part of the tribal belly dance community, this is the class for you. If you feel that you would like to participate and did not take Samantha’s Basics class, please contact Samantha. A prior knowledge of (specifically) tribal belly dance may allow you to join the class right away, or private lessons may allow you to catch up. Please bring a set of zills to class. This class is only open to students with prior instructor approval.

Beginning Bollywood Dance

Get ready for the most fun you have had while dancing! Samantha has taught Bollywood dance all over the world and now brings it to Bellingham. The term “Bollywood” is the catch-phrase for the Indian Hindi movie industry, the biggest producer of films in the world. Bollywood films are full of action, comedy, drama, romance and (most importantly) music and dance. In the 6 weeks comprising this class session, you will gain:

  • The lyrical expression and controlled technique of classical-style Indian dance as filtered through Bollywood movies.
  • Combinations which can be adapted for use in any choreography or dance form.
  • Muscular development, physical fitness and a sense of well-being.

Intermediate Bollywood Choreography

The lyrical and intricate choreography “Silsila Ye Chahaat Ka” from the movie “Devdas” is the focus of this class, which is a continuation of Samantha’s fall Bollywood session. Beautiful formations, hand movements and syncopated footwork are featured in this stage adaptation of Bollywood legend Saroj Khan’s classic choreography.

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